10cm "너에게 닿기를" lyrics

Translation to: EN JA

따사로운 햇살속에서
종스리가 울려퍼지네
뺨을 매만지는 바람
한숨만은 깊어져만가고
저 멀리서 핑도는 눈물
이름을 붙여준 내일
포개어진 미래빛 라인

천진난만한 이런 기분도
신이나서 날아갈 정도로 웃었던 날도
사랑스럽고 소중하게 키울 수 있도록
어렵고 힘들었던 시간을 넘어서
아주 많은 처음을 주었잖아
이어져 가서는 닿기를

In the warm sunlight
the bell re-echoes
the wind that brushes up my cheeks
as I take a deep breathe
the tears that rushed up ,are far away
the name that I give tomorrow
it lies upon the future's light line

This innocent feeling
The days I laughed ,and was so excited I could fly
I want to grow them to be lovely and precious
there were a lot of difficult and hard times
but you also gave me a lot firsts
I'm going to connect with you,to reach you