Poni "Hapë derën o" lyrics

Translation to: EN

moj m’u bere per martese
dil moj dil lulja me vese
dil moj dil buzen trendafil
dil moj dil te takosh bandill

pa dil ti syri i zi
po kush del aman si ti

manxura e penxherese

vetem hidhem syte e zese

you have grown up and are ready for marriage
come out (you that are like) a flower with dew
come out come out (you with the) red lips (trendafil means rose: red rose)
come out come out to meet the suitor

come out (you with the ) dark eyes (syri i zi - this is a compliment)
oh who comes out like you

marjoram at the window

my dark eyes jump