Dido "Christmas Day" lyrics

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Christmas Day

A young gentleman came riding past,On a snow blue winters day,He asked to drink by our fireAnd I was pleased to let him stay,

He drank there quietly for a while,And then he turned and said to me,

Your eyes are green,Like summer grass,Your lips are red,Like a fresh cut rose,Your hair is soft,Like an Irish stream,And your voice,Is filled with sweet beauty

And the last words I heard him sayWere: I shall return,For you,My love,On Christmas Day

And the night will come,But I won't sleep,As I watch the stars that lead him,I cannot place where he is,But still my heart goes with him,I'm saving all my Sunday clothesFor the day that I'll be leaving,Father knows,My sister knows,And my friends,They're happy for me,And the priest he says,You should thank God,For the blessing,Of such beauty

And the last wordsI heard him say,

Were: I shall return,For you,My love,On Christmas DayI shall return,For you,My love,On Christmas Day

(On Christmas Day)

(I shall return for you my love)

And the last wordsI heard him sayWere the last wordsI everHeard him say

I shall return,For you,My loveOn Christmas DayI swear,I will return,On Christmas Day,And yes,I shall return,On Christmas Day,I shall return,For you,On Christmas DayMy love,I will return,On Christmas DayI shall return,My loveOn Christmas Day

On Christmas Day

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