David Guetta "On the Dancefloor" lyrics

On the Dancefloor

I got that fire (fire),Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire, for the dancefloorI got that fire (fire),Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)For the dancefloorTurn it up

Fire (fire),Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)On the dancefloorI got that fire (fire),Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire, for the dancefloor

Turn it upTurn it upTurn it upTurn it up

Turn i-It u-up upTurn i-It u-up upTurnnnn It uuuup upTurnnnn It uuuup upTur-turn it-it u-u-u-u-upOn the dance floor

Feel that Beat rising upHear that Beat turn it upBaby moving that's what's upBaby baby boombercutOn the cut do that danceGot me looking in the tranceStep like Fire where's your dance?Someone call the ambulanceI like itYou like itYou li-li-like treat your mysticJust ride it don't fight itHi-hi-hi-hi-hit down to the musicDon't stop it get rock itIt's bombin' like the bulletIt's burning like fireSo go ahead and loose it

Turn it upTurn...It...Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, upUp-up-up-up-up-up-up-upFoooor the Daaaanceflooooooooooor.

Turn it upBreak it downShake it offMix it nowD-A-V-I-D take me for the dancefloorWill.i is on represitionI'll be cutting like insitionGet a ghetto for the dancefloor (floooooor)The G, the U, the T, the T, the AThe A-A , we don't play.Weepy, weepy, rock, rock, rock, rockSh-sh-shit like every dayFeel the sound, power fourMega boots on overlowElectric City pumpin' on the dance-cefloor

I got that fire (fire),Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire, for the dancefloorI got that fire (fire),Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)Fire (fire)For the dance...flo-floor

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