Cyrine Abdel Nour "عادی - normal" lyrics

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عادی - normal

حط النقط عحروف..شوف لبدك شوفهدد بنسياني..اعملي انا معروفحبك زرعني جروح..هد الجسم والروحعندك حدا تاني..خدمني ولعندو روح..عادي ولا تهدد بقى وتقولي صعبي نلتقىانت حياتي حارقا.. شو همي يكويني البعدبعرفها صعبة المرحلة..تبعد لكن مش مشكلةمن لي صدر منك الي اصعب ما رح يمرء بعدحط النقط عحروف..كل شي صبح مكشوفهلأ صرت تحكي وصار في وضع وظروفمن ساعة لجيت كلمة انا ما حكيتخدت الاسى بضحكة حملت الجرح ومشيت


Make things clear1, See things however you want to see themThreaten to forget me.. do me a favorYour love planted wounds in me.. It wrecked my body and soulIf you have someone else, do me a favor and go to themAll's normal, don't threaten then and say it's hard for us to meetYou are burning down my life, why would it matter to me being seared by our distance?I know it's a difficult phase, you go away but it's no problemThere can never be worse than what has happened to me by your handsMake things clear1, everything became exposedNow you started speaking and explaining the situation and circumstancesSince you've come, I didn't utter a thingI took the sadness with a smile2, carried my wound and left.

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