Cyrine Abdel Nour "Aadi (عادي)" lyrics

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Aadi (عادي)

حط النقط ع حروف شوف اللي بدك شوفهدد بنسياني اعملي أنا معروفحبك زرعني جروح هد الجسم و الروحعندك حدا تاني اخدمني و لعنده روح

عادي ولا تهدد بقىوتقلي صعبه نلتقىانت حياتي حارقهاشو همي يكويني البعدبعرفها صعبة المرحلةتبعد لكن مش مشكلةمن اللي صدر منك الياصعب ما رح يمرق بعد

حط النقط ع حروف كل شي صبح مكشوفهلا صرت تحكي وصار فيه وضع وظروفمن ساعة اللي جيت كلمة انا ما حكيتخدت الأسى بضحكة حملت الجرح و مشيت


Put your cards on the table1, See whatever you want to seeThreaten to forget me, do me a favorYour love has planted wounds in me, wrecked my body and soulIf you have someone else, do me a favor and go to them

Whatever, now don't threatenAnd tell me that it's hard for us to meetYou are burning down my lifeWhat will it matter if our separation sears meI know this is a difficult phaseYou will go away, but it's no problemAfter what you have done to me,[I know]I will face nothing that is more difficult

Put your cards on the table1, everything is now revealedNow you began to talk, and speak of the situation and circumstancesSince you came, I didn't utter a wordI took the grief with a laugh2, carried my wounds and walked away

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