Drake "Congratulations" lyrics


[Verse 1: Drake]Uh, black hearts on my cardiganAt the crib tellin ya girl that we should order-inTell G to put his feet up on the ottomanWe just up against a bunch of rappers I go harder thanDamn! I'm so Catriona smarter thanA lot of these niggas swear the coachJust brought the starter inYeah, and I'm the type to tell ya daughter thingsI float high, don't try and cut my water wingsI'm still myselfSuicide bars, I kill myselfCharge it to the game, I bill myselfAnd I don't feel y'all, but I feel myself!Aunty Doe, tell 'em I deserve a mazel tovI'm rappin like a Shepherd with the muzzle off...I'm next to blow -- pauseAnd I can't hear the critics talkin over the applause {crowd cheers}Yeah, I tried to tell 'em, Future let 'em knowSend the haters all my love - X and OI got a black box where suggestions goBut I don't really give a fuck, it's prol'ly best you knowMy reality is brighter than your dreams areI gotcha dream girl ridin in ya dream carYeah, and the visual is stunninI hope they document what I'm becominCongratulations

[Verse 2: Drake]So whatchu want an award or sum'hin?I'm at the private airport boardin sum'hinI see nothing from afar but I'm far from nothingPut on your poker face, I'll pull ya card if ya bluffinBut I ain't with the hard talkI got a Monopoly, catch me on my boardwalkLike I said we pull ya card and find out you're a HallmarkJust know I'm breakin world records - no false startI don't see your point unless it's gunpoint or sum'hinMy deal like Weezy first week, one point sum'hin...And my verses gettin stupiderWayne if you're on Mars, can you pick me up from Jupiter?Phone blowin up, so I'm cuttin off my cellularI'm a superstar, noted on to my nebulaI will break a leg, break an arm and a fibulaWhen I break it down, when I, when I break it dooow-haaaah-owwwnI hug and kiss the drum kickI put the beat in my back pocket and just sitBut, you could never beat my ass -- PAUSEAgain, dammit y'all, againY'all, pretend that we are, some men that get it on, and inI'll die before I lose, cause I was born, to winIf he don't fuck wit y'all, then don't bo-ther himAnd yes, I fuck this game but I won't fa-ther themRight, uh

[Verse 3: Drake]It's like, these days man, I'm booked and I'm busyDad named me Drake, Footz named me DrizzyThey tried to tell me I'd never be nothin but a protegeBut if you watched the VMAs, there's nothing more to sayI got the key to happiness and all the copiesRemember this day like you bought a poppyAnd damn, how I get so nice?I just spent it all once, 'bout to get rich twiceSurprise party bitch, now it's on and poppinI always choose dough like it's my only option...Cause money always knows bestChain snatch flow, they say "Get it off yo' chest~!"...and I'm what all the fuss aboutAnd if they talkin, I bet I'm what they discussion 'boutHit me at the office - same extensionConsider me the reason y'all should pay attention

[Outro: Lil Wayne]It's crack!Aiyyo Drizzy, you shoulda said that on the hookYou shoulda been like, "Congratulations - it's crack!"YahIt's crack, hehe, congratulationsLADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

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