Ishtar "Sahara" lyrics


SaharaTruth is in your eyesEmbrace the emptiness in meAm i thirsty for your companyBeyond the desert with sahara

Risk is my lifeWhen my car breaks downLost in the dumeA hundred miles from townThe sun beams downTaking it's tollI light a firePray that someone see the smokeHolding unto hopeSomething deep inside me can't say no (sahara)

Tanto asi me dayMe encuentro en tu desierto hoyYa no te eh podido atravesarMuchos lo estan tratando sahara

Beyond the drout, beyond the floodsBeyond the mountains in the worldBeyond the roads, beyond the wallI am driven to your door

Beyond the fruits of temptationBeyond the roads that i have goneThe only endless thing i see isI am reaching for your hand

I will be your faithAm i following your causeLeaving loneliness behind this wallBeyond the desert with sahara

Hoy conmigo estaOjo que mata al mirarNo arde en medio, quiero contigo hayEstoy abocu sahara, sahara

This faith is everythingThe only willingness i seeThere's a caravan that waits for meBeyond the desert with sahara, sahara

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