Ehab Tawfik "allah yesame7 7abeebi" lyrics

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allah yesame7 7abeebi

الله يسامح حبيبي اللي عشقته زمانالله يسامح حبيبي اللي اديته الأمانكان عندي كل حاجة كان ونسيلي كل حاجةكان بعد ما خد حياتيقالي انس اللي كانالحب عرفه منيكان قبلي ميعرفوشاديته بكل قلبيوالحب مقدروش غاب عنيونسيني باع عشرة سنينياه مشتاقة عينيلكن فات الأوان

May god forgive my love

May god forgive my love,the one that I loved in the pastMay god forgive my love,the one that I trustedHe (or she) was the only thing in my life, more than just a lover. And he (or she) forgoteverything I've done. He (or she) wasable to leave after he took my life,he told me "Forget what happened "May god forgive my love, the one thatI loved in the past. May god forgive my love,the one I trusted.I was the one who taught him love, he didn't know what it was before he'd met me. I loved him from the bottom of my heart and he didnt care.He got lost and forgot me, the years we've spent together. My eyes are yearning to see him, but it's too late.

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