The Weeknd "Loft Music" lyrics

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Loft Music

They say my brain meltingAnd the only thing I tell emIs I'm living for the presentAnd the future don't exist

So baby take your clothes offA chance like thisYou may never get to show offShow off, show offWhat you talking aboutI see you like to tease, babyAnd in reality you don't know how to please, babyBlue ball queenTake your fucking seat, babyOr ride it out nowI know you wanna scream "baby"

(I'm) better than your next manAnd if you're swingin'Like you're dumber than the next manCause I don't playUnless it's keysThen I play all dayYou like em keys?We gonna play all dayWhite dreamFry your brain all day

I think you lost morals, girl(What?)But it's okayCause you don't need em where we're goingIn that two floor loft in the middle of cityAfter rolling through the city with meI promise you gonna seeThat I'm only fucking 20, girlAmnesia put your mind in a dream worldWhat you doing in the bathroom?I hear noises in the bathroomBaby, it's okayWe can do it in the living roomJust some terms in emThe only girls that we fuck withSeem to have twenty different pills in emAnd tell us that they love usEven though they want a next manAnd the next man's bitch want a third manEddie Murphy shitYeah, we Trade PlacesRehearse lines at themAnd then we fuck faces

Yeah, we know just how to get a buzzMix it with the hashCome fuck with usI'm raw, motherfucker, I'm rawLove so lostThen my niggasMan, these bitches can't touch what we gotIf they want itI'll plug any nigga that I stepAnd I got em, yeah I got emTill the ending of our creditsLife's such a movieFilmed independentUs against the cityPlease don't get offendedWhen we don't answer your callsAnd if you got a problemCome and find us, we can talkAbout itWhat's good, young ho?You about it?Got a loft right nowYou excitedYou excited

(What you thinking about?)(What you thinking?)(What you thinking about?)

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