The Weeknd "Rolling Stone" lyrics

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Rolling Stone

Now you're thinkin’ bout itGirl you're thinkin’ bout itWhat we got hereHow we fuckin’ got hereThey recognizeThey just recognizeI’m in a life without a home so this recognitions not enoughI don’t care about nobody elseCause I’ve been on these streets way too longBaby I’ve been on this too long

Cause getting faded too longGot me on this rolling stoneSo I take another hitKill another serotoninWith a hand full of beansAnd a chest full of weedGot me singing 'bout a bitchWhile I’m blowing out my steamYeah, I know I got my issuesWhy you think I fuckin’ flow?And I’ma keep on smoking ’til I can’t hit another noteOooo, but until then

I got you, oooooBaby I got you, oooooUntil you're used to my faceAnd my mystery fadesI got youSo baby love meBefore they all love meUntil you won’t love meBecause they all left meI’ll be differentI think I’ll be differentI hope I’m not differentAnd I hope you’ll still listenBut until thenBaby I got youI got youGirl I still got youI got you


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