Jannat "Law Mertaha Maah (لو مرتاحة معاه)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

انا لو مرتاحه معاه وبعيش ايامى فى حب وحاسه انى انا لقياة
ايه اللى يخلينى اعيش من غيره او أسى علية
انا لو مرتاحه معاه وبلاقى فى قربه اللى انا عايزاه واللى انا حساه
اية اللى يخلينى ابعد ولا اسئل فيه

بيعاملنى ياناس معاملة مش هيا وراضيه بيها
والكلام يادوب على قد السؤال
يرضى مين ف الدنيا ديا ابقى اعيش انا وحدانية
وهو مبيسئلش عنى ولو سؤال
انا استحملت كتير انا عمرى ما كنت استاهل منه دا غير الخير
انا مش ندمانة بس انا زعلانة وخايفة عليه
معرفش انا كل دا لية اية اللى جرالة وغير حالة و أثر فيه
قساه على قلبى ونساة حبى وعشرتى لية

Me ,if I was satisfied with him , and living my life in love and feeling that I found him
what whould let me live without him or mistreat him
me , If I was satisfied with him , and finding beside him what I always wanted and what I'm feeling
what would make me go away from him and not even ask about him.?

Oh people , he treats me a bad treatment and I'm accepting it
and talking is just for question
who accepts in this world that I live lonely
and he doesn't worry about me even not with a question (asking how is she doing)
I endured so much , I never deserved that from him but I deserved all the good
I'm not regretting , I'm just sad and worried about him
I don't know why is all that happening?what happened and changed , and affected him?
His mercilessness on my heart and forgetfulness of my love and my companionship , why?