The Rolling Stones "We Love You" lyrics

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We Love You

We don`t care if you only love "we"We don`t care if you only love "we"We love you. We love you, and we hopethat you will love "we" tooWe love "they". We love "they", andwe want you to love "they" tooAh

We don`t care if you hound "we" andlove is all around "we"Love can`t get our minds offWe love you, we love you

You will never win "we"Your uniforms don`t fit "we"We forget the place we`re in`Cause we love youWe love you. Of course, we do

I love you. I love youAnd I hope that you won`t prove wrongWe love you. We do. We love you.We do. Ah...

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