Madonna "Beautiful killer" lyrics

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Beautiful killer

Dark eyes on a dangerous faceYou are a beautiful killerWe pass by the same old placeYou are a beautiful killer

You don't have a lifeYou have blood on your handsYou can't sleep at nightAnd I don't understandI don't know much about youAre a wanted man

Chorus 1:You can call my name and I'll be aroundMaybe I'll let you shoot me downCause you're a beautiful killerWith a beautiful faceA beautiful killer and you don't leave a trace

Do you know the reasons whyYou are a beautiful killerHurt yourself but you never dieYou are a beautiful killer

I like your silhouetteWhen you stand on the streetLike a samourai you can handle the heatMakes me wanna pray for a haunted man


Chorus2:Can't really talk with a gun in my mouthMaybe that's what you've been dreaming aboutCause you're a beautiful killerWith beautiful eyesA beautiful killer and I love your disguise

(beautiful killer)Can't change the pastGood guys always finish last(beautiful killer)What happens nowI need to know how the story goesAre we together?I'll love you forever

You can call my name and I'll be aroundMaybe I'll let you shoot me down


You're a beautiful killerBut you'll never be Alain Delon

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