Nirvana "The Eagle Has Landed" lyrics

The Eagle Has Landed

- Hey bootleggers!So, this is a new song and we don't really feel like ..actually going through the trouble of putting it out ourselves, so ...- This song is called "The Eagle has Landed" !Yeah, and its for all of you bootleggers to go ahead and go !

Try to find something fast, in my eyesOh no, that's ok, phone homeEverthing tastes the same, in my eyesEvery day, every taste, in my eyes

Hey! [x3]

Every time it's in his chin, in my eyesEverything Tennesees, phone homeBring it down, at the town, in my eyesBring it in, set it's in, in my eyes

Hey! [x3]

Try it's sound, something found, it ain't usRound down, at the town, go homeRound down, something in, mean usEvery taste, something fake, gross

Hey! [x3]

Take ...Mean heart ...Mean hearts ...[x3]

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