Nirvana "Aero Zeppelin" lyrics

Aero Zeppelin

What's a season in a right if you can't have anythingWhat's the reason in a rhyme if a plan means anythingWhat's the meaning in a crime, it's a fan if anythingWhere's the learning in a line, it's a brand, it's a brand

How a culture comes again, it was a plan of yesterdayAnd you swear it's not a trend, doesn't matter anywayThere's only here to talk to friends, nothing new is everydayYou could shit upon the stage, they'll be fans

They'll be fans [alt: If you brand]

All the kids will eat it up, if it's packaged properlySteal a sound and imitate, keep a format equallyNot an ode, just the facts, where our world is nowadaysAn idea is what we lack, it doesn't matter anyways

Hey ...

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