Macklemore "Stay At Home Dad" lyrics

Stay At Home Dad

[Intro]"Alright baby girl, lets sing to it."

[Pre-Verse 1]You're getting your degree, you're going to collegeI'm making music and hoping that Kanye puts me onBut If I don't make it baby, would you be mad at me?If I just chilled at home as your stay-home-daddy?

[Verse 1]Come on, I'll make you coffee (coffee), and a bagel (bagel)And another bagel (two bagels)Keep on reading that paper, then it's off you go"Hun, you're gonna be late,Don't forget your briefcase, drive safe" ("Peace, babe")Wake up the kids, toast the toast, put the Raisin Bran up in the bowlThe toast.. did I forget the toast?The toast is toast, dammit, I burnt the toastStart crying, the kid's like, "Dad, what's wrong?""Oh, it's not you, kids, it's just me, I'm alonePapa's a little bit stressed out -- oh, fuck!"Feeling so sensitive, I'm going for a latteSee what's popping at pilatesHit up my friends like, "Yo, what up man, you trying to have a spa date?The fuck? You're a stay at home dad, that's not gay!"

[Hook]Ay, ay, ay, ay, you go to work, I mow the lawnAy, ay, ay, ay, you make the cheese, I'll bring the guac (nacho sauce, Spanish)Ay, ay, ay, ay, you buy the clothes, I'll take them off ("JNCOS! FUBU!")Ay, ay, ay, ay, I'm a stay at home dad, this is my job

[Pre-Verse 2]You go girl, get that promotionI'll be on the sofa, collecting unemploymentYelling at the T.V., watching Maury PovichQuit groping that girl, Maury Povich

[Verse 2]Who is this Jenny Jones bitch?Shit, it's four o'clock, time for Oprah (Oprah!)The gospel of the Lord, for dads who stay at homeEven though we can't get bonersWe still watch Rachael Ray and Emeril cook lasagnaSwooping up the kids from soccer practice (soccer practice)Then time for gymnastics, Rice Crispy treats and wax baggiesI'm with my kids in the minivvan, listening to NPRWith the windows down, through the cul de sac

Then it's homework time, dinner time, set the placematsCook, clean, tuck the rugrats in blanketsThen I lay you down, pop two Cialis, put on StingAnd then go quench my paletteIs that douche, or does your cooch just smell like flowers?Your feet are calloused, peppermint towletteJasmine pedicure? Scented oil, homeopathic backrub?I am Alladin, your carpet is magic, your wish has been grantedI would just love to ride your carpet out of the palaceNow keep on bringing the green, baby, and I'll keep on tossing salad


[Outro]"Ladies and gentlemen, we have been conditioned to believe we must fit in a role, brainwashed by Babylon. Depicting our role must match our genitalia, hell to the no. It's men who go to work, and women raise the children, but I know the hardest job is maintaining the household, so I am doing a back-to-back, no tradebacks, with this briefcase. For 2010, I am staying at home."

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