Depeche Mode "Sweetest Perfection" lyrics

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Sweetest Perfection

The sweetest perfectionTo call my ownThe slightest correctionCouldn't finely honeThe sweetest infectionOf body and mindSweetest injectionOf any kind

I stop and I stare too muchAfraid that I care too muchAnd I hardly dare to touchFor fear that the spell may be broken

When I need a drug in meAnd it brings out the thug in meFeel something tugging meThen I want the real thing not tokens

The sweetest perfection...

Things you'd expect to beHaving effect on mePass undetectedlyBut everyone knows what has got me

Takes me completelyTouches so sweetlyReaches so deeplyI know that nothing can stop me

Sweetest perfectionAn offer was madeAn assorted collectionBut I wouldn't trade

The sweetest perfection...

Takes me completelyTouches so sweetlyReaches so deeplyNothing can stop me

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