Queen "Hang On in There" lyrics

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Hang On in There

Don't let goDon't lose your mystiqueWait a little longerTomorrow brings another feast

Don't let goDon't lose your reputationThank God you're still alive, haYou're still in one piece

Hang on in there, don't lose your appetiteHang on in there, forget the danger signsPray for that magical moment (just stay there) and it will appear(Don't fight for lost emotions)Wait for the sunrise,And everything will seem so clear(Look straight ahead, look straight ahead)

Hang on in there (hang on in there)Hang on in there (hang on in there)Your wish will be grantedAll your problems will disappear

Don't be a foolYou haven't reached your peakYou've got a fast car racing up inside youYour life is incomplete

Hang on in there, hang on in therePray for that magical moment and it will appear(Wait for the moment)Wait for the sunrise - ohJust wait and see and it will seem so clearBa dap bap ee bap bap ba ba bap bap de de de daHeyAnd let's go, let's go - o.k. now do the change nowHang onYeahHang on in there, hang on in thereYeah hang on in there, yeah

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