Haifa Wehbe "Salem halak" lyrics

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Salem halak

Salim...salim... salim 7alakMbare7 shiftak mesh la 7alakMeno saret 3am te7lalakKheberni hala2 w 2olRed w gawebni belly be 2albak

Elli .. elli .. elli wala ttetlabakOw3a tfaker ow3a ra7 bet7ebak2adi 2adi 2adiMesh ma3aool

Teslam .. teslam .. teslam 3ayenakHey elli betkhaberni waynakMara7 teslam bayni w baynakLaw ra7 bedallak mashghool

Give Yourself Up

Give up & give your selfI saw you yesterday & you were not aloneYou're starting to like it)Tell me now & answer me about what's on your mind

Tell me, tell me, tell me & don't hesitateyou think that she will love youas much as i doIt's impossible

Give me your eyes tell me where you areIt's not gonna work out between usif you're gonna be busy all the time

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