Wael Kfoury "Kezzabeen (كِذّابين)" lyrics

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Kezzabeen (كِذّابين)


أنا ويّاكي كِذّابين ما منَعرِف نِعشَق ونحِبْعِشنا فَترَه مَوهومين عَم نِحكي بإسم الحُبْالحُبّ ال عَ إسمو حْلَفنا وعطَينا وَعدْوقَد ما حَبّينا خِفنا يفرّقنا البُعدولمَّا عاكَسِتنا ظروف قِلنا مِنفكّر مِنشوفوبَدَل ما الحُب نضَحّيلو ضَحّينا ببعضْ

شِفتي إنّو كذّابين عِشنا فَترَه مَوهومينعَم نِحكي بإسم الحُبْ وما منَعرِف نِعشَق ونحِبّ

فايقَه شو كِنّا نِحكي وشو كان الكَلامكِنَا نِتقاسَم الضّحكي الدَمعَة والإيّام

رايحة وعم تطوي حكاية صارِت كلّا جراحآخدي العمر اللّي جايي والعمر اللّي راح


You and me are liars we dont know how to love or adoreWe lived a period of time thinking we love each otherWe promised the love that no matter what we won't leave each otherWhen the attitude came against us we said we'll think about everythingWe should've sacrifice for love but we sacrificed in each otherYou see we are liars thinking we were inlove we say we love each other but we don't know how to love or adoreRemember how we used to talk and what our conversation were aboutWe were sharing tears laughing and daysYou're leaving and closing our hurtful storyYou took my previous life and you'll take my next life..

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