Wael Kfoury "Labisha loulu" lyrics

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Labisha loulu

بيقولو لبسها لولو و حرير و خاتم الماسعم بيقولو شمعه طوله تظوي بعيدها و خدها ماس

و بيقولولي نسيت حبي و حبي الها ما بينقاس

عم بيقولو تركتني في غربه تتسقيني مر الكاس

و زرعو ميه شوكه بدربي و براسها ميه وسواس

و يقولو شو ما بيقولو شو بدنا بكلام الناس

مهما الناس لامو ما بيطفو نار الاشواق

و اللي صادق بغرامه حياته اهل العشاق

انا و حبيبي و الهوى خلقنا سوى بنبقى سوى

مهما قالو روى هوانا هو الاساس

Labisha loulu

they say he gave her Pearl , Silk and a diamond ring to wearand they say she's a candle which is always lightning in her day ( they meant her party ) , and her cheek is diamond ( they mean that her cheek is always bright like a diamond )

and they tell me that she forgot my love , even though that my love to her doesn't measure

they're saying that she left me Living in Strangeness ( the absence of her ) to drink the bitter of the glass ( cup )

and they planted a hundred thorns in my way, and they put in her head a hundred scruple ( wrong obsessions )

whatever they say , why should we care about people's talk

regardless of their blame , they won't Extinguish the fire of desire

and the one who's honest in his love , his life is gonna be with people who knows love ( it means that he's gonna be around the kind of people who always love , people who knows how to love )

me , baby and the love ( he means himself and the one he loves and the love itself ) we were meant together , so we will stay together

regardless of their talk , the most important thing ( the basis ) is our love, to grow

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