Wael Kfoury "Rasayel Hob" lyrics

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Rasayel Hob

rasayel 7obb kteetry ba3da ta7t sreeryfeha w wrood z3´eery medabbalha el sahar

shou le3ebna w shou 7abayena 3a7faf el basateennersom 3ala edyaena 2ollon mellaowanyeenw layely sawa ne2addeha sawayemerga7na el hawa 3a 7bal el yasameen

yeb2a el 2ammar na6erna ta ellayel yesser neharwe el 7obb elly 3´amerna mesh rady 3ally sarwe nedaffy edayena te3´fo 3enayenaw ma be s2allo 3alena ella le tany nhar

Rasayel Hob

a lots of love letters are still under my bedthey contain little roses who are tired of sleepless nights

how much we played ,how much we loved each other on the extreme of the fieldwe draw on our forests (2ollon:i didn't get it) mellaowanyeen=colouredand the nights,we spend them togetherthe love makes us sway,on the leaves of the jasmin

and the moon is waiting for us untill the night becomes dayand the love that filled us is not satisfied for what happenedand we warm our hands till we close our eyesand they don't search for us till the next day

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