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Cesária Évora "Mar Azul" lyrics

Translation to: EN

O Mar,
Detá quitinho bô dixam bai
Bô dixam bai spiá nha terra
Bô dixam bai salvá nha Mâe... Oh Mar

Mar azul, subi mansinho
Lua cheia lumiam caminho
Pam ba nha terra di meu
São Vicente pequinino,
Pam ba braçá nha cretcheu

O Mar,
Anô passá tempo corrê
Sol raiá, lua sai
A mi ausente na terra longe...
O Mar

Oh sea
Please calm your waves and let me go
Please let me go see my land once more
Please let me save my Mother, oh sea

Blue sea, slowly rise your tide
Full moon, give me light on my way
so I can go to my land
Go to my little São Vicente1
and hug my love...

Oh sea
The years pass by and time flies
The sun comes up and the moon leaves the sky
And I'm still away from my land...
Oh Sea