Lana Del Rey "Is This Happiness" lyrics

Is This Happiness

I've been to Hollywood Hills taking violet pillsWriting all of my songs about my cheap thrillsYou’re a hard man to love and I'mA hard woman to keep track ofYou like to rage, don’t do thatYou want your way, you make me so madGot your gun, I’ve got my day

[Chorus]Is this happinessIs this happinessIs this happinessIs this happiness

I've been to Hollywood Hills crushing violet pillsYou’ve been trying to write a novel about your cheap thrillsYou think you're Hunter S. ThompsonI think you're fucking crazy as the day's longMan to man, heart to heartI love you but you drive me so farWish you well on that star


Witch Hazel, Witch HazelBetrayal, betrayalOne gun on the tableHeadshot if you're able


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