Jacky Cheung "一生一火花" Liedtext

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當 信念找到翅膀 如像你我 抱緊了對方
當 我在天邊碰到海角 煙花發放

抱你入懷 彼此世界 無限擴大
我在你眼內 看到的愛 叫我跨過了深海

一生一火花 擦亮這夢境 如像歌者加上了歌聲
一天一火花 創造滿天星 如像窗框加上最完美風景
展開雙臂 分享千里 緣份以光做見證
YA~ ~ ~

當 笑臉找到眼神 唇遇上吻 叫一切誕生
當 故事照到兩位主角 開始新生

吸引 最多眼睛

When faith found it wings, it's like wrapping round you and me.
Firework blooms when the sky is meeing the earth.

Embrace you and the world will be widen.
Love is in your eyes guiding me through the deepest ocean.

A life, a flame, brighten the dearest dream
like a harmonic melody.
A day, a sparkle, dotted the stary night
as if a perfect scenery.
Spread the arms to hold the vastest land,
with lightning be the witness of love.
YA~ ~ ~

When a smiling face encounter the charming eyes,
when lips touch the other pair,
the meaning of life then appears.
When the tale reflexes onto the two characters,
a new era then begins.

So brand new that it draws numerous countless attractions.