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Jacky Cheung "心如刀割" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

我的天是灰色 我的心是藍色
觸摸著你的心 竟是透明的

*你的悠然自得 我卻束手無策
 我的心痛竟是 你的快樂

#其實我不想對你戀戀不捨 但什麼讓我輾轉反側

 不覺我說著說著天就亮了 我的唇角嚐到一種苦澀

△我是真的為你哭了 你是真的隨他走了
 就在這一刻全世界傷心角色 又多了我一個

★我是真的為你愛了 你是真的跟他走了
 能給的我全都給了 我都捨得 除了讓你知道 我心如刀割

My sky is grey, my heart is blue
Touching your heart, it's transparent

You're without a care in the world, but I'm helpless
My heartache is actually making you happy.

I don't really want to cling on to you, but what makes me keep coming back?
Morning came as I spoke, I taste a bitterness on my lips

I cried because of you, but you left with him.
I joined the ranks of all the sad characters* in the world

I loved because of you, but you left with him.
I've willingly given you everything I can, but I must let you know, my heart's as if it's been cut by a knife.