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Ekatarina Velika "Svetilište" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

Boja njihove odeće je bledela
od crne ka beloj
to je mesto postalo svetilište
dok su prvih godina porodice dolazile u crnini
kasnije je boja njihove odeće osvetljavala
prvi nagoveštaj tople crvene
i žute
kao hodočašće
sa generacijama koje dolaze

Igranje u travi pred proleće
sa loptama
magično privučeni baš tim neuglednim delom ceste
posle podnevna ozelenela lipa i miris tišine
uz ciku dece i šetnju roditelja
pravi razlog postade nevažan
uspomena se pretvarala
u nesvesno privlačenje tom kraju

The color of their clothes was fading
from black to white
that place became a shrine
and while, during the first years, the visiting families wore black
afterwards, the color of their clothes was becoming brighter
more alive
the first signs of warm red
and yellow
like pilgrimage
with the upcoming generations

Playing in the grass before the spring
with balls
magically attracted by that untidy part of the road
the blooming linden in the evenings, and the smell of silence
with the screeching of children and the parents' strolls
the true reason became unimportant
the memories gradually turned
into an unconscious attraction towards that area