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Poni "Jap E Jap" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

ah moj shoqe c'kam nje halle,
se c'me vjen nje djale verdalle/ this one boy is making me clumsy
nuk me le te dale ne shkalle
thot qe jam me yll ne balle

jap e jap e s ta them dot
zemra po me behet cop
te dua djale me kohe

syte me pikojne lot

a c'me lodhe o djalo e o bo bo

thote qe jam me yll ne balle
mendjen se c ma beri dhalle
si ai jo nuk kam pare
shpirtin zemren ma ka vrare

shpirtin zemren ma ka vrare
do ta pres neser ne shkalle
do ti them nja dy tri fjale
ja t me lere ja t me marre

ah my dear friends i have an issue
making me crazy
he doesn't let come out to the step
he says i have a star on my forehead(to be beautiful)

i try and try yet i can't say it
my heart is being ripped apart
i love you boy from time

my eyes are crying tears

ah how you've tired me, oh no no

he says i have a star on my forehead
he is making my mind confused (lit. made my brains into buttermilk, i know strange saying)
i haven't seen anyone like him
he has killed my heart

he has killed my heart and soul
i will wait for him tomorrow on the steps
i will say two, three words to him
let him leave me alone or take me