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Poni "E kam unë, e ke ti" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

U be kohe, qe me ty nuk flas
mbajme inate kot, pa kuptim
nga deshira me vete plas
bej te vij une, por skam guxim

grindemi, çdo moment
duhemi, po koment
ne po luajme si femije.
e ka emrin dashuri.

sa kokeforte dhe i krisur ti,
sa gabime vetem nje dite.
kush ka faj, nuk e zgjidh njeri
e kam une, apo e ke ti.

it's been some time now, that i haven't spoke with you
we're stubborn towards eachother for nothing, it's pointless
from my own needs i explode
i decide to be bold and visit you, but i'm not brave enough

we argue every second
we love eachother theres no comment (without a doubt)
were acting like children
it's name is love

you're so hardheaded and cracked (crack in the head)
how many mistakes in just one day
whose fault is it, no one is figuring it out
i have it, or you have it