Shadmehr Aghili "Adat" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN RO

Aghosheto be ghyre man be roye hishki va nakon
Mano az in delkhoshi yo aramesham joda nakon

Man baraye ba to bodan pore eshgho khahesham
Vase bodane kenaret to bego be har koja par mikesham

Mano to aghoshet begir aghoshe to moghadase
Bosidanet baraye man tavaalode yek nafase

(x2) Cheshmaye mehrbone to mano be atish mikeshe
Navazeshe dastaye to adete tarkam nemishe

Faghat to aghoshe khodam daghdaghehato ja bezar
Be paye eshghe man bemon hich kaso jaye man nayar

Mohre labao ro tano roye labe kasi nazan
Faghat be man bose bezan be roho,jesmo,tane man.

Don't open your arms to anyones but me
Dont separate me from this state of calm and happiness.

To be with you Im filled with love and awe
And to be by your side, just tell me where and Ill fly off to

Hold me in your arms, your arms are holy
Kissing you is like getting rejuvenated .

(x2) Your kind eyes drive me insane &Holding your hands could never be the cure to my addiction.

Let my shoulder be the only shoulder you ever cry on.
Stay true to my love, dont replace me with anyone else.
Let my body and my lips be the only place you set your lips on.

Give your sweet kisses only to me, to my mind body and soul.