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Bryan Adams "i wanna be your underwear" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: TR

I wanna be T-shirt-when its wet
I wanna be shower-when you sweat
I got to be tattoo on your skin
Ya lemme be your bed baby-when you climb in
I wanna be the sheets when you sleep-lemme be the secrets that you keep
I gotta be the spoon-ta stir your cream
I wanna be the one that really makes you scream
I wanna be-your lipstick when ya lick it
I wanna be-your high heels when you kick it
I wanna be-your sweet love babe-ya when you make it
From your feet up to your hair-more than anything i swear

I wanna be your underwear

I wanna be the itch that you scratch-wanna be your chair when you relax
I got to be razor when you shave
Wanna be the habit that really makes you crave
I wanna be-your hot tub-when you dippin
I wanna be-your bathrobe-when you're dripping
I wanna be-your cocktail baby-when your sippin
I just wanna be there-more than anything I swear

I wanna be your underwear

Wanna be your sleepin bag-baby slip inside

Let me your motorcycle n' take us for a ride-alright
I wanna be-your hot sauce-when you're cookin
I wanna be-your sunglasses-hey good looking
I wanna be-wanna be the one-ya stick your hook in
I wanna be right there-more than anything I swear

I wanna be your underwear