Nirvana "Do Re Mi (Medley)" Songtext

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Do Re Mi (Medley)

Miss me onceFix me twiceShe’s reached flames inside you

You x5

Push the sunToss me highShe’s made gravesfor she and me

Come towards lifeAnd wants me goneRight now that I am dreaming

Dream x2Dreaming x3

Want a sunFrom the hazeCheap scum has freed me

Hailed no manLike a manI complain to see me

Me x2Here x3

Fumbling sunCheats me painsFinally out to see me

Judge dear godWhat I've knownI wish I could see me

In yearsYears

Found the door before you know meSunken back,and through you're dreamin'

Sits me downFuck me upWish I was dreaming

Hold me lightI wish I mightI wish I could be screaming

Years x5

Oh dreamDreamAnd breatheDon’t breatheAnd breatheAnd breathe

Kiss me goodPiss me offReach me newAnd bring me

Here Some dayAnd I will fallAnd I will call and greet thee

and Greet thee

And Finally I will drain you downAnd trash things up andFind me goneAnd dive at me in the womb

And finally I will drown the sunAnd die at my sideI’ll paint me goodAnd frame me mother

And she nuttered meAnd GirlyAnd go away

And paint me mountainsInside a fireAnd then throw me on boardAnd the dreams discardedAnd she’s inside of you

Well Phrase GodAnd praise GodAnd drown me slowAnd the giant who told them who we

Don’t rain heatDo re mi


Finally onAnd I’m not goneBut trying hardWith the rain and all

And Phrase godAmaze godGrace god and then you’ll fall

Your wings growDo re mi

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