Nirvana "Autopilot" Songtext

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I don't need to love againI won't sigh and mope againI just don't need to love againSomewhere I don't know

I don't really love herI don't think I want her

Ain't gonna take to love againIt's the way your love hurtsIt's the way, you're mad againI don't think I'll love again

I won't ever promise herI don't think I want her

This time no one elseI don't bear to follow youI don't ever promise youSometimes I don't love you

Think I'm tired of loving herI don't really want to love

PainPainPainPainPainYou know you're right

You told me to follow himTeach him that I loved himI won't ever promise youI won't even bother to

You gave me my first kissI don't think I want it now

I don't ever want againIt's all that I had to haveIt's all that I wantedIt's all that I had to

I don't think I'll miss herI don't think I want her

PainPainPainPainPainYou know you're right

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