Nirvana "The Other Improv" Songtext

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The Other Improv

It's an odd allianceIt's another lie I say

What alone tonightEven if my eyesEven have some timeBet it all tonight

Listen I have been banging awayEven if you had a sightMy

It's mad enough tonightAnd forests have never grownIt's another lieAnd I can never have mine

It's not mineIt's not mineInstead I hide

I've been here for my friendsI never know if I saidWatching out for meWhen I can love youHave your way

And she might as well know ISeem more highHighThanI said minerals will make the worldIf we did not have chemicalsYou would not be writing my death certificate

Biting is my friendMy dog left me a sand sendOne more day than I can planEnds safe from youBiting ass a lie friendWhen I will never have a friendBiting silent as a manHis silence setting up around

And she improvisedAnd she was supervisedI was a risedOr arosedOr a roseOr a roseOr arousedAnd fineFine lineWhen ISaid night timeWhen ICould never kindAnd I

My milk is your shitMy milk is your shitIt's hard and boiledAnd sour all againMy milk is your shit

It revolvesIt evolvesCause it's biting out what would

My milk is your shitMy milk is pissDon't you love that I can bite

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