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Fairuz "La Tas'alouny (لا تسألوني)" Liedtext

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لا تسألوني ما اسمهُ حبيبي
أخشى عليكمْ ضوعةَ الطيوبِ
والله.. لو بُحتُ بأيِّ حرفٍ
تكدَّسَ الليلكُ في الدروبِ

ترونَهُ في ضحكةِ السواقي
في رفَّةِ الفراشةِ اللعوبِ
في البحرِ، في تنفّسِ المراعي
وفي غناءِ كلِّ عندليبِ

في أدمعِ الشتاءِ حينَ يبكي
وفي عطاءِ الديمةِ السكوبِ
محاسنٌ.. لا ضمّها كتابٌ
ولا ادّعتها ريشةُ الأديبِ

لا تسألوني ما اسمهُ
فلن أبوح باسمه

Don't ask me what my lover's name is
I fear for you from the magnificence of the spreading [beautiful] fragrance
I swear, if I revealed just any letter
The lilacs would pile up in the roads

You see him in the smile1 of the waterwheels
In the flapping of the playful butterfly
In the sea, in the breathing of the prairies
And in the singing of every nightingale

In the tears of the winter when it cries
And in the prolific pouring rain2
Beauties that were never held by a book
nor were they even claimed by the pen3 of a [skillful] writer

Don't ask me what his name is
Quit it
for I will not reveal his name,
my lover