Elissa "Bataly Tehebeeh (بطلى تحبيه)" Liedtext

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انسيه متفكريش تانى فيه واشغلى نفسك عنه
باى حاجه بطلى تحبيه

وسيبيه ماترجعيش تانى ليه وان حاول هوا
انتى اوعى تسالى فيه

كلام سهل وبسيط بس مين اللى يعمل بيه
ايوة ده كلام بسيط بس مين اللى يعمل بيه

قلبى معدش هادى ولا بحياته راضى لو كان حب
عادى كان مقدور عليه

في عاشقين يتوبو وفى عاشقين يدوبو وانا
حبيت عيوبه واكتر من ده ايه

بقول لسنينى فوتى بعدو يعنى موتى لو سكتت
صوتى قلبى بيناديه

فاكره كل همسه حاسه بكل لمسه فكره انى
انسى بتفكرنى بية

وارميه بذكريات لياليه وبلاش تلحى عليه
او حتى مره تطلبى تقابليه

ولو ايه اوعى تجرى عليه وامنعى دمعة
عنيكى لو صدفه يوم شوفتيه

Forget him., dont think about him again.
Keep your self busy with anything. Stop loving him

Leave him. And dont come back to him
If he tries. Don't accept

Words are easy. But who can apply x2

My heart is no longer calm nor satisfied with his life
If it was love. It would be easy

There are lovers who repent and lovers who melt
But i loved his fault. There is nothing more than that
I tell the years to go by
His distance equals my death
If i silenced my voice, my heart calls for him

I remember ever whispers. I feel every touch
The idea of forgetting makes me remember him

Throw the memories of his nights,
Dont even once pry to meet him again

No matter what, Dont run to him.
If you see him again. Forbid your eyes from tearing