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Слова песни "Monika - I'm not young in my youth" Monika (Greece)

Перевод на: EL

Many days and many nights alone
It wasn't easy so I couldn't ask for more
Promises and promises upon
I kept on suffering,in fact, I was in love
But I think it's time to realize our empty past
I mustn't let myself return to you so fast
I'll keep moving on and on
I'll keep moving on...

If I knew,oh, If I knew the way
I wouldn't turn desiring into causing pain
Later we could find ourselves adored
And spread away the reasons that were simply gone
But it's alright no, I came to you again
You keep on hearting me in the usual old way
But I'm moving on and on
Yes, I'm moving on

You said I couldn't do it
But remember all those flowers
Please remember all those flowers, flowers, flowers
Oh, give me something I could do
Oh, give me something I could give you back again
Give me just a little tiny something...