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Слова песни "Excuse my Friends (Fallacy)" Monika (Greece)

Перевод на: EL

Look, there's a star, a bright falling star
For every man, for every woman
Just throw your sexual life to a million hundred eyes

Like you and me, behind that screen
An intercourse, an intercourse
It's all we need, we can reflect to their romance

But have you ever thought of passing through this glass
In any case, come on, forget of what you've done last night
And set me free today, I'm free today

"I hope our memories succeed to rescue both"
I'm such a fool.

Now, we are one, a sweat naked one
It's rock & roll, It's rock & roll
What could be better after crowded concert nights?

Both walk again, in two separate ways
I wave goodbye, I'd wave goodbye
If all this vanity could break the magic spells

If love would not seem like a knife into our chests
Forget your innocence that only made us
One by one becoming free today
I'm free today

I was the one to love you more than you deserved
I was the one to hate you more just like I've said
I was the only one to care about respect

I'm just a fool.