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Слова песни "Ti nuk je fajtor" Gjyste Vulaj

Перевод на: EN

Ti nuk je fajtor

Ty te kam si zog
qe shkon tuj fluturu

kurse syt e mi
nga larg rin tu shiku

ti ghithmone i lumtur
me zogusha tjera
besa un enderroj
nga ato te jem njera

ti jeton si mbret
lum ajo qe te ka
e un si e mjer
per ty rri tuj qa

ti nuk je fajtor
qe jeten ma shkaterrove
po nga dita qe te pash, zemren ma robrove
un nuk kam ti je (??)
ty do te adhuroj
dhe ne qoft si te ( shertore)sheroje or sherbej (couldn't make this line out)
pran do te jetoj

you are not the guilty one(its not your fault)

for me you are like a bird
that goes off and flys

where as my eyes
from far watch you

you are forever happy
with other birds(means girls)
seriously i dream
to be one of those girls

you live like king
happy is the girl who has you
and i am miserable
i sit and cry for you

you are not the guilty one(its not your fault)
that you have destroyed my life
but from the day i saw you, you stole my heart(took my heart as prisoner)
i don't have, it's only you
i will adore you
in any case, as a server
i will live by your side