Слова песни "(CB 16) Dies, nox, et omnia" Carl Orff

Перевод на: EN EL

Dies, nox, et omnia
mihi sunt contraria;
virginum colloquia
me fay planszer,
oy suvenz suspirer,
plu me fay temer.

O sodales, ludite,
vos qui scitis dicite,
mihi maesto parcite,
grand ey dolur,
attamen consulite
per voster honur.

Tua pulchra facies,
me fay planszer milies,
pectus habens glacies,
a ramender ...
statim vivus
fierem per un baser.

Day, night and everything
is against me,
the chattering of maidens
makes me weep,
and often sigh,
and, most of all, scares me.

O friends, you are making fun of me
you do not know what you are sayin
spare me, sorrowful as I am,
great is my grief,
advise me at least,
by your honour.

Your beautiful face,
makes me weep a thousand times,
your heart is of ice.
As a cure,
I would be revived
by a kiss.