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Слова песни "Ajmo svi (Kato za final) [Ајмо сви (Като за финал)]" MC Stojan

Перевод на: EN

Svaki dan, cim otvorim oci
put me zove i ja moram poci
menjam trake od Beograda do Linza
Austrija, Nemacka, moj Balkan i Svica

I uvek idem nasmijanog lica
sve su nasi ljudi od grada do grada
tu me ceka moja balkanska lepota
ljubavi moja ma gde si do sada

Ref. 2x
I ajmo svi, ajmo ruke gore
i ajmo svi ludilo do zore
i ajmo svi, da pijemo do jutra
koga briga ste ce biti sutra

I ajmo ruke gore cela diskoteka
jedan je zivot i sta da se ceka
jos ovu noc ja za sebe ne znam
bez tebe ne mogu, ne zelim

Pa pevam, neka ide zivot
najbolje tek pocinje
zurke nema kad'
nema harmonike

Ja volim Balkan
i mnogo sam popio
ti moje leto si
Od kad sam se rodio

Ref. 2x

Do sinyo me tseluvay, kato za final,
do sinyo me pregrashtay, kato poludyal.
A posle shte si tragnem, vseki osaznal,
che ottuk na tatak shte e zhiv no ne i tsyal.

Ref. 2x

Everyday when I open my eyes
the road is calling me I have to go
I change the roads from Belgrade to Linz
Austria, Germany, my Balkan and Switzerland

And I always go with a smile on my face
cause there are our people from city to city
there my balkan beauty is waiting for me
My love where have you been until now

Chorus 2x
And let's go everybody, put the hands in the air
and let's go everybody, madness til the dawn
and let's go everybody, let's drink til the morning
who cares what is going to be tomorrow

And put the hands in the air the whole disco
It's only one life so what should you wait for
only this night I'm not knowing myself
without you I can't, I don't want

so I sing, life should pass
the best is yet to start
there's no party
when there's no accordion

I love balkan
and drunk too much
you're my summer
since I was born

Chorus 2x

Kiss me until the place goes blue [i.e. really hard so it becomes painful for me], like it's the last time,
Hug me violently, like a crazy person
and we'll walk away afterwards, when each of us has realized
that from now on they'll be alive, but not whole.

Chorus 2x