Слова песни "El Ghalyeen (الغاليين)" Mostafa Atef

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ضلك من كل اللي فاضلك، أمنك وقت الخوف ما يضلك،
اكتر ناس على راحتك تعبوا وشقيوا عليك..
اتقفلت كام مرة ف وشك؟ كام واحد ف الدنيا دي غشك؟
وقعت وقمت بدعواتهم خدوا بإيديك..

ولا أف ولا تكشر ف حضرتهم، مفيش ف الدنيا دي جنة إلا جنتهم..
يا ترضيهم يا ترضيهم، وصدقني حياتك ماشيه ف الآخر بدعواتهم..

الحضن ده أول من ضمك من أول يوم شايلين همك، الناس دي لايمكن تتعوض بناس تانيين،
عايزينك تبقى احسن منهم شايفين في سعادتك سعادتهم، لو دول مش اغلى الناس عندك مين الغاليين؟

Your shadow amongst everything you have got left
your shelter when fear attacks you
The most who's suffered and sacrificed for your comfort...

How many times have you faced difficulties? How many in this world deceived you?
You fell and stood up because of their prayers, they held your hand to help you...

Don't say "uff" or frown in their presence
There is no heaven in this world but theirs
You've got no choice but to make them happy
Believe me your life is going on because of their prayers

Their hug was the first to hold you, they have looked after you since day one.
They could not never be replaced by others.
They want you to be better than them. They see your happiness as their own.
If they are not the most precious to you, then who is?