System of a Down "Soil" Слова песни


[Verse 1]The phoenix he helped createOut of control boy without a dadShot the gun that startled my lifeWhile I drove him with a forty five

[Chorus]Friends for years images in redBlew off his own motherfucking headConfidence, death, insecurityMen fall unrealizedUnrealized, unrealized

[Verse 2]Making a decision of deathWhile everyone around you pleadNow you fly in peaceI hope, my friendA man can't avoid what he's meant to doWhen he's meant to do itEven if he doesn't really want toMy memories are of fun and friendshipOf weakness within the strength of youthFor reasons undefined, reasons undefinedReasons undefined, reasons undefined


[Chorus 2]Don't you realizeEvil, lives in the motherfucking skinDon't you realizeThat evil lives in the motherfucking skin

[Outro]Why the fuck did you take him away from us you motherfucker?

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