Terroristic russia is bombing Ukraine now.
Please, go and ask your governments to stop them.
Ask to switch them off SWIFT, payments, exports, EVERYTHING!
Help Ukraine financially:
Bank of Ukraine

System of a Down "Soil" Liedtext

[Verse 1]
The phoenix he helped create
Out of control boy without a dad
Shot the gun that startled my life
While I drove him with a forty five

Friends for years images in red
Blew off his own motherfucking head
Confidence, death, insecurity
Men fall unrealized
Unrealized, unrealized

[Verse 2]
Making a decision of death
While everyone around you plead
Now you fly in peace
I hope, my friend
A man can't avoid what he's meant to do
When he's meant to do it
Even if he doesn't really want to
My memories are of fun and friendship
Of weakness within the strength of youth
For reasons undefined, reasons undefined
Reasons undefined, reasons undefined


[Chorus 2]
Don't you realize
Evil, lives in the motherfucking skin
Don't you realize
That evil lives in the motherfucking skin

Why the fuck did you take him away from us you motherfucker?