Nicki Minaj "1-900-Ms-Minaj" testo


Young Big Mike, Dirty MoneyAnd the new problem in the GameShe go by the name of Nicki MinajAs Ms. Minaj if you nasty (ta-ha)This shit right hereIs the motherfuckin' MixtapePlaytime is overFind you one, I don't co-sign no bullshitNo more talk, lets get it poppin'!

Phone RingsYes Sir! Young Big MikeNicki Minaj!Lets get into another brand new jointThis shit right here is called 1-900Nicki Minaj, Dirty Money!

Nicki moansShout out to Fendi, Gravy!Shout out to the whole Young Money!Weezy, what's poppin'?

[Nicki Minaj]Nicki moansThat ticklesHey...You've reached... Nicki MinajAnd umm... I can't come to the phone right now 'cause...I'm sitting on your favorite rapper's face

[Nicki Giggles]Umm... anyway...As soon as I get up...I'll call you backBye

Qui è possibile trovare il testo della canzone 1-900-Ms-Minaj di Nicki Minaj. O il testo della poesie 1-900-Ms-Minaj. Nicki Minaj 1-900-Ms-Minaj testo.