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Pino Daniele "O padrone" paroles

Traduction vers: EN IT

O padrone nun va duje sordi
Dice sempe ‘e faticà’
E nuie ce magnammo ‘o limone
Pe’ duje sordi ca ce dà
‘o padrone ogg’è venuto
Nce vuleva parlà’
Stateve accorte ccà zompa tutto cose
E ‘na botta nce ha cugliuto là

Quanta luce cchiù miseria nun ce stà
‘Mparadiso se sta buono
Senza nisciuno ca ce vo’ cumannà’
‘O Signore nun va duje sordë
Dice sempe ‘e prià’
Ca prianno ‘a Maronna
Ca ‘ncoppa ‘a terra po’ cagnà

‘O Signore ogg’è venuto
Nce vuleva parlà’
Ma che ve site miso ‘ncapa
‘Mparadiso s’adda faticà’
Quanta luce ‘mparadiso nun se po’ stà’
Nemmeno muorte stammo buono
Manco ‘o limone nce putimmö magnà’.

The boss is worthless.1
He always tells us to work
And we [can] only eat the bitter part2
For that dirt measly salary that he gives us.
The boss today came to us,
He wanted to tell us:
"Be careful, everything is going to blow up"
And then an explosion hit us to death3.

[There is] so much light, there is no more misery,
In Paradise we are [finally] going well
And no-one wants to boss us around.
The Lord is worthless1
[And] always tells [us] to pray:
If we pray Holy Mary
Something on the Earth may change.

The Lord today came to us,
He wanted to tell us:
"What's the matter with you?
Even in Heaven you must work"
[There is] so much light, it's impossible to stay here in Paradise:
Not even the dead [ones] are going well,
And we have not even bitter parts to eat4.