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Poni "C'eshte Dashuria" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

skam dal me te qare
por me te kenduar
zemren ma ke djegur moj
ma ke perveluar

nga sevdaja jote
mbeta pa martuar

c'te ju them oj shoke
c'eshte dashuria
ajo eshte mjalte moj
vete perendia

o yll i megjezit
kush te ka bekuar
dit e nat per ty moj
une po rri zgjuar

fajin e ka zemra
qe te ka kerkuar
si xhevap kafeja*
me ke rrotulluar*

i haven't come out crying
but rather singing
(although) you have burned my heart
and have boiled it

from my passionate love for you
i have still stayed unmarried

what should i tell you my friends
what is love?
oh, it is honey
(just life) itself

oh star of the morning
who has blessed you
oh for you, day and night
i lie awake

my heart is at fault
since it has asked(wanted) for you
like an answer in the coffee
you have turned me round