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Poni "Laberi moj laberi" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

laberi ta thura kengen
moj e shtrejnta laberi
tek ty lindem dhe u rritem
te kujtoj me dhemcuri

laberi o vend i bukur
andej ngaj jam edhe vete
me kuroren permbi koke
duke shkuar si nje princesh

laberi moj e vertet
per ty do kendoj nje jet
dhe pa ze, sikur te mbes
do kendoj gjer sa te vdes

e laberi moj laberi
s'ka si ti moj, s'ka si ti
kush te thote moj je e ashper
je e lare me flori

Laberia i put together this song
oh priceless Laberia (shtrejnte means expensive(special) in Albanian meaning like 'too high of a price to name')
where we were born and grew up
i think(miss) of you with hurting

Laberia oh the beautiful place
the place where i am also from
with the crown above your head
you go as a princess

oh the true Laberia
i will sing a lifetime for you
even if i am left without a voice
i will sing until my death

hey Laberia, oh Laberia
there is none other like you
who ever says you are coarse(rugged)
(it's cause) your (land) is washed with gold