Udo Jürgens "Walk Away" paroles

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Walk Away

Walk away, please goBefore you throw your life awayA life that I could share for just a dayWe should have met some years agoFor your sake I say, walk away, just go

Walk away and liveA life that’s full with no regretDon’t look back at me, just try to forgetWhy build a dream that cannot come true?So be strong, reach the stars now, walk away, please go

If I heard your voice, I’d beg you to stayPlease don’t say a word, just run, run right away

Mmm… goodbye, my loveMy tears will fall now that you’re goneDon’t look back at me, just walk, walk onI’m sad that I, after searching so longYeah, I loved you, but told you, walk away, walk on

Walk on, walk on

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